You like swing music. Do you really want to learn how to dance? Or you have been dancing for a few months and want to continue? This is the right level for you. Here you will learn basic steps and movements. All you need is dance shoes, a small portion of patience and desire for dancing!

So, you are already in control over both eight counts and six counts, you actively use and mix them on the dance floor. If you can lead any figure or follow the leader – you are ready for this level. Here you will learn to dance faster and feel more comfortable while dancing.

Don’t expect that on this level teaches will explain you different figures, at this level self-criticism is the best teacher. The number of classes you’ve taken and workshops you’ve attended is not the criteria for A level. There are no secret figures you should know. If you can honestly admit that you are done with all above-listed levels and you want and need that little extra something to reach total perfection – this level is for you.